Friday, September 13, 2013

Pixiwoo at Ulta!

Pixiwoo is on a tour through the U.S. and stopped by the Ulta in Kildeer, IL today. You guys might have noticed I'm a pretty huge fan of Pixiwoo, so of course I trekked it on over to Kildeer from South Chicago. My husband would note it took nearly two hours, with traffic.

The event was advertised as a meet and greet with Samantha Chapman, but I was so happy to hear (I was checking the Facebook every few minutes on the ride over) that Nicola would be there as well!

I wasn't sure what to expect and I was very nervous walking into the store.

I didn't even notice the free brush promotion until after I'd purchased a set!

When I arrived, Sam and Nic were posing for fan pictures. They had just finished a set of Q&A's. I quickly got in line and worked my way up to where they stood.

They were so tall compared to this tiny gal, haha!

I hadn't quite made up my mind on what to say until it was my turn for a picture. I told them how their videos have been such an inspiration and help in getting my self-confidence back. They were so sweet and humble. Nic told me I had plenty to be confident about and should be confident in myself. They both thanked me and we took this picture. It came out a bit blurry, unfortunately. I wish I could have told them more about how hard my life has been and to have articulated just how much makeup has come to mean to me, but I think the sentiment came across to them.

Captured the moment she addressed the black eye issue.

After the picture session, the girls began another Q&A. There were some great questions asked, one of which was from a guy asking how to conceal a black eye! Samantha applied a red lip on a fan who had a question on lip liners. She looked great! I asked them on tips for picking the right undereye concealer. Their advice was to look at whether the concealer made my undereye area gray (if it does, it's too light). Nic also said to try applying a very small amount of orange or red lipstick in combination with my concealer to see if that works.

Pictures of Samantha were then passed around and a line was formed for autographs. These fans were pretty intense! One of the fans asked the ladies to sign her arm! Samantha said it was a first.

When it was my turn, I once again thanked Sam and Nic for everything. My husband, Sam, jokingly said I was a huge fan and he was a "longtime listener," which made the ladies laugh.

Samantha was concentrating on taking the selfie!

After signing the picture, we posed for a "selfie." My arms were too short, so Samantha took the picture for us haha. I was still a bit emotional at this point, as you can tell. I gave both another hug and then that was it.

I walked out in an almost state of shock, not fully accepting what had just happened; I met Pixiwoo! One life goal, down! I'm so glad to have met them and to have walked out knowing they really are as great in person as they are in camera. Thank you, Ulta for hosting the event and thank you Pixiwoo, for your years of advice.


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