Monday, April 15, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoos - Limited Edition Summer 2013

I felt like Indiana Jones in his search for the Arc of the Covenant hunting these guys down. My husband, Sam, might tell you how when we finally came across a fully stocked stand, I rolled on the ground cackling. Though I suppose that's much less Indiana Jones and more crazy makeup obsessed cat lady. 

Why are people going nutty for these eyeshadows? Well, Maybelline Color Tattoos are consistently amazing quality. That plus the wide variety of colors they are putting out, wouldn't you rush out to get any shades you could get your hands on? I picked up five of the six shades. I wasn't too interested in their yellow one. 

Click below for my review and swatches of the five!

The latest limited edition Color Tattoos are a complex bunch. The Summer 2013 Color Tattoos are  unique in that they are duochromes. Because of their nature, the true colors of these shades are hard to photograph, but I tried my best! 

Waves of White, Icy Mint, Seashore Frosts, Cool Crush, Lavish Lavender

Waves of White
I don't usually pick up the lighter shades in collections, because really how many white shades can you make? Well, Maybelline managed to make a "white" that I couldn't resist picking up! "Waves of White" is an icy white with an inner green/blue glow. It reminds me of Winter or, more in line with the Summer theme, of sea foam. I can't wait to play with this one more.

Icy Mint
I was a bit disappointed with this shade. It's very sheer, which might make it difficult to wear on its own if it's not built up enough. However, it's still a great minty shade perfect for Spring and for that wild child Summer gal. "Icy Mint" is the only shade that is all-out mint and not a duochrome.

Seashore Frosts
"Seashore Frosts" is the shade that sent me on this wild frenzy to find these Color Tattoos. If not for this one, I might (*MIGHT*) have passed on the collection, as it was very difficult to find! I don't think I can adequately describe just how beautiful this shade is. "Seashore Frosts" is an everchanging color. It shifts from a blue-toned purple to brown to green. You can see from the swatch pictures that it looks entirely different in that light from the pot here. It is absolutely stunning.

Cool Crush
This is one of the colors I hadn't intended to buy until I saw it in person. It's a very shimmery blue with bit of a purple-silver shift. In this picture, "Cool Crush" seems a lot deeper blue than it really is. As I said before, the duochrome nature of these Color Tattoos made them difficult to photograph! The true color of this one came out nicely in the swatches. "Cool Crush" is not for everyone, especially if you dislike shimmer!

Lavish Lavender
"Lavish Lavender" was another I wasn't sure about until I found myself carrying it out the store door. This lavender pulls more blue than pink, which makes it a more interesting color tone. In the swatches, it actually pulled a bit of silver as well. It's just an all round gorgeous color. 

Waves of White, Icy Mint, Seashore Frosts, Cool Crush, Lavish Lavender

I definitely recommend this collection. If you like any of these shades, you need to hurry over to your nearest Bed Bath & Beyond, which is so far the only carrier of these limited edition colors. 

Were you able to pick up any of the new Color Tattoos? Do you think they're worth the effort to find?



  1. Seashore Frost and Lavish Lavender!! Going to try and find those x

    1. Those are my favorites, too. Good luck finding them!

  2. I found them at my rite aid so if u have a rite aid try there. Im on the hunt for the other two limited edition colors now its 8 not 6. 6 came in one display and 2 newer ones came in a display so im on the hunt now for the two newer ones blah this stuff is killing me. Lol

    1. I heard about the two new limited edition CT's, but decided not to hunt for them. I went crazy enough for these, haha. I hope you find them!


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