Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sister's Bridal Shower

Here are those promised pictures from my sister's Bridal Shower. She's getting married in August! 

It was ridiculously hot, but thankfully we were able to get a tent setup and that majorly helped! As you can tell, her choice of color was pink and white. She's a huge girly-girl. 

There was a lot of DIY at this bridal shower! My sister made her own beautiful card box using a birdcage and made her own almond tin party favors, as well. A few of the elements were handmade by me, specifically the streamers and the mason jar candle lanterns. Unfortunately, I don't have the best pictures of these. I'm waiting on others to put their personal pictures on facebook so I can show you better shots, haha. I also made some party favors using clothespins, which I'll show pictures of later. 

Side/Back? view of the tent. It looks a bit bare, but there was a tree in the way which we couldn't decorate around!

The birdcage card box. I promise I'll get a better shot of this!

My sister ordered a custom flowery banner. Also, here's the food! :)

A shot of my friend, Bree, and I. You can tell I'm a bit spent at this point. It was incredibly hot out and I'd been rushing all morning to get this done. 

The cake! The cake and desserts were made by my sister's co-worker, a former well-renowned pastry chef.

Desserts/drink table. I love these pictures. The desserts truly look as amazing as they tasted.

The drinks for the margarita machine were kept in this nice inflatable cooler.

Those are all the pictures for now. Congrats again to Diana and Juan! 

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