Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Nails - Doe, a Deer, and Much, Much More

I've been seeing some really great Christmas nail pictures (xxx) and I was so inspired I thought I'd try my hand at it. Here are some pictures of my nails -- can you tell I couldn't decide on one design?
{Nail polish I used}: 
Base coat - Essie "Protein Base Coat"
Essie "She's Pampered" (red)
Sinful Colors "Snow Me White" (white)
Essie "Good as Gold" (gold)
Confetti "Ice Ice Baby" (glitter)
Reindeer face - mix of Sinful Colors "Innocent" and Essie "She's Pampered" (4:1)
NYC "Canal Street" (brown)
Wet n Wild "Ebony Hates Chris" (black)
Top coat - Essie "Good to Go"
Ah! The dreaded left hand...

They're a bit sloppy, but this is only my second attempt at an elaborate nail design and I had so much fun doing this. Hope you guys liked!

Have you done any fun nail art for the holidays? Please share!


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