Friday, May 24, 2013

Review - the Brush Guard's Brush Cleaning Kit

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Click below to read my review and find out what brush guards do!

What are brush guards? 
They are these little plastic tubes that roll over your brushes after washing. They help to squeeze out any excess water and to keep the brushes in shape as they dry. Though it takes longer for the brushes to dry, I feel the Brush Guards really do help them to retain their shape. I have read a few reviews claiming the guards messed up their brushes, but I honestly believe this is due to not following directions. 

Once you slide on the Brush Guards, you are not supposed to roll them back in the opposite direction. This causes the bristles to get caught and pulled by the guard. This has NEVER happened to me through normal use, it only happens if you pull it back incorrectly. 

I've been using Brush Guards to dry my brushes ever since Michelle Phan suggested them on one of her videos. I've been needing some new brush cleaner and had some spare Birchbox points, so I decided to give in and get this kit.

{The kit comes with}:
  • Brush Guard variety pack (6 brush guards)
    • 1 - extra small
    • 2 - small
    • 2 - medium
    • 1 - large
  • Squeaky Clean brush shampoo
  • Blotting cloth
  • Washing cup/Drying vase

Variety Pack
The Brush Guard variety pack comes with six guards of different sizes. This is a good starter kit for those who want to try this method out.
Brush Shampoo
I really liked the Squeaky Clean brush shampoo! I found it left my brushes very clean, though it's not as  good as the dish soap + olive oil method I've used in the past (more on this in a later post). I'm actually currently using it to clean out my face painting brushes, because it's just that good at getting the color out.

Blotting Cloth
I don't actually use the blotting cloth, because I have so many brushes to get through. For now, it's just a nice extra I keep as a decoration, haha.

Washing Cup/Drying Vase
Why does this cup have two descriptions, you ask? Well, because this fancy-schmancy cup actually splits into two parts! The inner blue cup is great for washing your brushes, because it has a texturized bottom. By lightly scrubbing your makeup brushes against this part, you can get even more of the ickies out of your brush hairs. The detachable "drying vase," or black outside part, is great for drying your brushes once the brush guard has been placed on them.

I use both cups as storage when I'm not washing/drying, so they are always in use.

Did I mention it comes with the cutest set of instructions? Seeing all the icky buildups as cartoons kind of made me want to wash my face and brushes, or is that just me? I definitely recommend this set for those looking for a new brush washing method.

If you haven't seen the Brush Guard's new ad, you have to watch it now. Seriously. I don't remember the last time I let an ad play out entirely online.

Have you purchased the Brush Guard's new Brush Cleaning Kit? What did you think? Ordinary or revolutionary?


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