Thursday, February 16, 2012

Camera Misbehavin'

Happy Valentine's Week! Let's be real..not everyone celebrates on Tuesday! My hubby and I will be celebrating next Saturday :) I know some of you are put off of Valentine's day because of it being a "Hallmark Holiday," but I like to celebrate it just as a reminder to do something extra nice with your significant other. I think all couples could use a reminder to go all out, once in a while. In fact, why not just call it "Love Appreciation Week"? I could go for that one..

Anywho, I had a FOTD all prepared for that day but..I have no camera charger. It seems to have gotten lost in this pile of boxes I have downstairs. That won't be fun to find. So, until I get a new one, you guys will have to deal with phone camera pictures. I hope you don't mind!

The picture of the Valentine's FOTD is not so great, though, so I'm planning on re-creating that one later. For now, enjoy this picture I made for the MyGlam February bag!

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