Saturday, November 16, 2013

Trip to Wisconsin - Part One

Last month, my sister bought my husband, Sam, and I a getaway trip to Wisconsin. We stayed in a cabin named "Rustic Retreat." The main draw for this cabin was its distance from reality and no cell service.

No cell service!

Click below for LOADS of pictures!!

It was a 5+ hour drive to get to the cabin. Thankfully, we didn't get lost! Some of you may not know that the map app on your phone will still work (at least on the iphone) after your cell service goes out. This is only if you've already gotten the directions started, so no looking up new directions if cell service is gone. 

We ended up renting a car to get there, because ours hadn't been doing so great lately. We could have done the whole trip on ONE gas tank! The gas mileage on this car was nuts!

I was not looking forward to that long drive up to Wisconsin (FIVE hours!), but the drive there was anything but boring. One minute, there were cornfields under a bright blue sky, the next there would be trees of all shapes and sizes. 

There were glimpses into dense woods and suddenly...

...we would be rising over the tree tops of those same trees. 

It's hard to tell from this picture, but these were the tree TOPS!

We would zip through small towns...

...and come back to isolated stretches of road. 

Wildflowers, trees, rocky hills, so much to take in!

It started to get cloudy just after we reached Wisconsin. As we began the last stretch of the trip, the rain began to fall. 

We arrived at the cabin an hour before check-in time, so we decided to drive around. We were miles away from the nearest store, but we were determined to see what was nearby. 

We ended up driving up across a steep metal bridge hanging over the Mississippi river and into Iowa. We didn't stay long, because the rain started to pour down really hard. It took a while to get across the bridge, so by this time it was nearly time to check into the cabin. 

Mississippi River

I remember the waves of hills and gravely roads leading to the cabin, suddenly feeling like we were alone. Not in a scary horror movie type way (like some said we would), but just feeling close to Sam. 

We could hear the crunching of gravel as we rolled past empty farms. 

Our view was suddenly enveloped by trees all around us and a winding path to the cabin. 

Finally we arrived and unpacked the car. We took a tour around the house and....knocked out. We were exhausted! 

Now click {here} for Part 2.


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