Saturday, November 16, 2013

Trip to Wisconsin - Part Two!

Click {here} if you haven't read Part 1!

Sorry for the break, thought you guys might appreciate not having to load so many pictures! Here are some more pictures of the cabin.

Love this saying!

After our five hour drive to the cabin, Sam and I were so drained we knocked out for a few hours. When we woke up, the rain had slowed to a soft drizzle. We decided to snuggle on the sofa and watch a movie before doing what I'd been looking forward to all week: getting in the hot tub! Yep. No rain was gonna kill that dream!

This was one of the bedrooms, overlooking a balcony. 

This cute little stove was actually not a real stove!

I couldn't believe how dark it got as night fell. Outside, the world was pitch black, except for a halo of light surrounding the cabin. As we turned off the indoor lights, we could see more and more stars glinting in the sky. Unfortunately, it was foggy out due to the rain. I can only imagine just how beautiful the sky might have looked, if not for that fog. 

I almost wish we hadn't waited so long to get in the hot tub. It was very dark out when we finally got in and I wasn't able to see out of the screen around the deck. This was my horror movie moment. I got a bit spooked, thinking that anything could be watching us, that I decided to get back inside. 

I took this picture as the sun was rising the next morning. 

We woke up early the next morning to make breakfast and get packing. We wanted to take a hike close by, around the cabin. 

Here is Sam holding the official cabin walking stick.

We passed by what would have been a nice campfire, if not for the rain. 

As we trekked down the gentle hill towards the surrounding woods, we saw last night's mist lifting and fading into the morning sun. The pictures might look haunting, but it was actually quite a beautiful sight.

You can just make out the cabin from here!

The morning sun was starting to peek through the trees.

Needless to say, all that rain and fog made for some interesting hair. 

Seriously, a babbling brook. 

Before we got ready to leave, Sam and I sat and read through the cabin guestbook. There were YEARS of entries collected in two giant books. Couples, friends, families staying in the cabin and leaving closer together. A few wrote how they'd seen bald eagles or heard wolves howling at night.

Though I still wish it hadn't rained and we'd been able to do more of what we had planned, the morning mist only added more beauty to the scenery as we passed it by on our way home.

We made a few pit stops trying to take a good picture of this rolling fog on the Mississippi river. I wish I could have captured a better picture! 

The ever-changing scenery made me feel like I was much further away. The farm fields reminded me of the rolling hills in Italy.

My attempt to take a picture of an Amish buggy actually resulted in an action shot of the horse!

The trip back to Chicago was as stunning as the first time, but seemed to go by so much faster. I could feel the draw back home, but also wasn't quite ready to leave yet. I'll be forever thankful for this trip. It left me with a burning desire to travel and experience new things.

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures and story from our trip to Wisconsin. I also hope this inspired you to find your own adventures!


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