Friday, March 2, 2012

Got Some Gel Eyeliner Today

It looks like March, for me, is going to bring a lot of changes. I'll be halfway through school, ending my first year as a teacher's aide and looking for a new job, learning how to drive and getting my own car, and just making better choices for myself in general.
I know last time I posted I was super excited about going to IMATS, but I've decided that this year is not the year for it. While I would love, oh so much, to just up and run off to the other side of the country, I'm going to have to settle for midway. That's right, I'm planning and plotting away a new trip. So, no to makeup glory, but hopefully yes to a different kind of, but still personally enlightening and fun, trip. Which I'll be posting about in a few months when it actually happens. :)
In other news, I went down to the MAC store today (since I officially decided to wait on IMATS, my no-makeup till June ban was off!) and bought myself a Fluidline in Blacktrack. I've always been interested in the different consistency eyeliners. What better way to break my ban than to get something I can practice and play with?
So, I asked one of the artists about how to make these winged eye things with the Fluidline. Really, I'm not so great at articulating what I'm looking for sometimes. I figured she would just give me some tips and set me on my way. She actually took quite a bit of time to show me the motions on how to apply and then had me apply it myself. I was pretty self-conscious about this--applying makeup badly in front of a makeup artist??--but it helped a lot more than if I had just watched and tried to reapply later.
Here is attempt #1:

Also, I apologize for the terrible blinds behind me and the bad lighting! I currently don't have a camera and I'm using my computer for now.

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