Sunday, March 18, 2012

Short Beauty Routine for Sick Days

I've been sick for just over a week now and I haven't felt up to writing a blog till now. I thought this might be as good a time as any to write about my beauty routine during sick or "bleh" days.

Step 1:

Always, always, always wash your face.

Even when I feel awful, when I am lying on the floor defeated by illness, this is a step that can't be skipped. No one wants to go through a long beauty routine when they're sick. If you put makeup on before washing your face, your face is going to feel dirty and you are going to feel worse. Plain and simple. This step just never gets skipped, even on my worse days.

Step 2:

Laura Mercier hydrating primer + tinted moisturizer

I can't skip primer. I know a lot of people skip this step, especially while sick, but primer is useful for a lot of reasons (**) and if I'm going to be applying any makeup, I won't be skipping this step.

(** I am planning a big primer post on all the amazing primerific facts, which will be coming your way soon)

I absolutely love this tinted moisturizer, because it's somewhat low maintenance. All you have to do to apply is slap it on using your own hands. No brushes, no buffing, just hands.

It's definitely not full coverage, which of course doesn't help cover everything when you are sick. But, honestly, I've found that doing more to cover up (full foundation, concealer, correctors) actually looks worse for me when I'm sick. So while I'm not 100% back to looking healthy, the tinted moisturizer still makes me look a lot better.

Step 3:


This step varies, but I tend to throw some blush on to help liven up my face. I'll usually use some kind of natural looking pink or peachy blush, like NARS Orgasm.

That's really all there is to my sick-day beauty routine. I try to keep it as simple as possible. Now I'm off to write some papers and, hopefully, finally get better!

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