Friday, March 1, 2013

Revlon Lip Butters Collection

If you are a big makeup fan, I'm sure you've heard of Revlon's Lip Butters by now. The Lip Butters lie somewhere in between lip balm and lipstick. They are sheer, pigmented, and beautiful. With over twenty shades available, there is a lip shade for everyone. Here are the few shades that I own: Fig Jam, Peach Parfait, Creamsicle, Tutti Frutti, and Candy Apple.

Click below to see these lippie swatches!

Fig Jam, Peach Parfait, Creamsicle, Tutti Frutti, Candy Apple

Fig Jam, Peach Parfait, Creamsicle, Tutti Frutti, Candy Apple 

Fig Jam, Peach Parfait, Creamsicle, Tutti Frutti, Candy Apple

Fig Jam

Fig Jam is a bit intimidating in its container. I skipped over this one quite a few times, because I thought it was a dark brown lip butter that would not work for me. It wasn't until a few weeks ago when I saw swatches online that I was shocked at how pretty this one is. The color of the tube is very misleading! Fig Jam is a gorgeous plum mahogany with subtle red undertones. It is so much more flattering than I thought it'd be and I think it might be my current favorite lip butter!!

Peach Parfait

I got this shade, because I was curious to see whether it might be a low-end dupe to MAC's Viva Glam V lipstick. Peach Parfait is similar in that it enhances your natural lip color, rather than adding too much pigment. It is not an exact dupe for the Viva Glam V. Peach Parfait pulls a bit more warmth, while Viva Glam V is more of a nude-y pink tone. 

(I'll add a side by side swatch of these two once I have the chance to get some sunny pictures!)


This lip butter is a sheer nude tone. The color alone would be too light on my skin tone, if not for the creamy consistency. However, itt is a bit streaky, which is disappointing. 

Tutti Frutti

I love this shade! Tutti Frutti is one of the first lip butters I bought, back when tangerine was all the rage. With just one swipe, this shade is pretty sheer and wearable. It is not a bold tangerine, but a very subdued and flattering version of it. Add a few more swipes and it becomes a more popping tangerine. This is the perfect shade for both those who are trying out bolder shades and those who already love wearing bolder colors.

Candy Apple

Again, another flattering shade that can be layered for a stronger color. I suspect Candy Apple can be used across most skin tones, which is great and rare for a red-toned lip color. 

Fig Jam, Peach Parfait, Creamsicle, Tutti Frutti, Candy Apple

Price: $6-8
Where to buy: Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, ULTA

Do you own any Revlon Lip Butters? Which are your favorites?



  1. Revlon lip butters are my favorite lip product, and that says a lot for a lip junkie like me! I'm still trying to find the new shades! I've heard they have been found at Ulta and Target, but I haven't seen them yet at my stores. Peach parfait is my favorite! It's a HG lippy for me :)

    1. I haven't found those shades either! I always find the limited edition shades in the least expected places. Try going to the CVS or Walgreens that you never go to!


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