Monday, February 25, 2013

My Sister's Wedding

Here are those pictures from my sister's wedding I promised to post a few months ago.


My best friend, Bree, and I taking pictures while waiting for the "party bus" to pick us up. 

I love the makeup I wore that day. 

My sister and my mom. This picture of them is so sweet. 

My sister and her gorgeous dress. She and my mother made the veil. 

The family cat, Toby, looking freaked out by the cameras. Poor kitty. 

My brother walking my sister down the aisle. I miss him so much.. (RIP)

My brother-in-law seeing his soon-to-be wife. 

The church. 

This reminds me of the Bridesmaids movie cover, haha. 

The guys being silly. 

Group shot of the girls. 

I swear this was not planned. Waldo was downtown as part of a school's orientation game. 

My hubby and I. 

With my brother and sister. We were being heckled. 

The reception site (picture taken later at night)

The placecards. 

Picture of one of the tables. Everything was put together by the bridal party. There are mini patron bottles, candles, flowers, and mini satchels filled with Colombian coffee. 

Custom made cake topper. How cute is that?!

...which wouldn't have been complete without miniature cats, Toby and Iris (deceased), and the dog, Munchies. 

The cake....was fake! Except for a small piece in the back for cutting. This was handmade by my father and sister. 

We even put those straws together by hand. They each had little sayings on the cards. 

The dessert...

Did I mention the food was amazing?

Here's an action shot of me giving my speech and the newlyweds actually enjoying it! Job accomplished.

The sweethearts at the sweetheart table. 

The infamous dollar dance. 

I had no idea, as we were rushing around the bride and groom, that my mom and I had passed each other. 

Some silly shots in the photobooth. 



  1. Everything looked so gorgeous! I love your sisters gown and your eye makeup! The church was really beautiful! I loved all the cute little details, like the Loteria place cards and the sayings on the straws. It looks like it took a lot of time to put everything together. You looked gorgeous! <3

    1. Thank you! Yes, it was a lot of hard work. My sister's ideas really came together so well and there was a lot of time put into all the details. Hopefully she'll be planning my future Church wedding, too, haha.


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