Monday, February 11, 2013

Maybelline Lip Haul

Hello fellow makeup lovers! Today, I thought I'd share a few Maybelline lipsticks I recently picked up.

Hooked on Pink from the permanent collection & Vibrant Mandarin from the new Sensational Vivids collection. 

Hooked on Pink, Vibrant Mandarin

Vibrant Mandarin

I think the main reason I wanted a shade from the new Sensational Vivids collection is because I wanted to see if they were truly as bright and pigmented as they look from swatches on line.

Vibrant Mandarin sure packs an tangerine-red punch to the lips. I'm glad it's not an all-out orange, but also contains a reddish tinge to it. I feel that makes it a bit more wearable.

If you're not a fan of funky bright colors or have been looking for a flattering orange toned lip, this may be the one for you.

I wanted to add that this lipstick was packaged with the wrong cap! I didn't notice until I'd left the store.

Hooked on Pink

I swear, I debated getting this shade for a good 15 minutes in store aisle. It's hard to find a pink that works for my skin tone. Before you know it, you're in plum territory and no longer looking at pinks. I'm glad I decided to just go with this shade, because it's surprisingly flattering.

This pink is not too light or frosty. Best of all, it is PINK! and not too plummy.

Vibrant Mandarin, Hooked on Pink

Price: $6-8
Where to buy: Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, ULTA, Target

Does the scent a lipstick has bother you? Or is the color more important?



  1. So cute, I have a few lipsticks from this range. It's quite nice x

    1. I think Maybelline might have the best drugstore lipsticks. Which are your favorites?

    2. My favorites are coral lustre and warm me up!

    3. I just looked up some swatches of those. They are both so pretty! I may pick up that Coral Lustre. I'm a sucker for anything coral.


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