Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Recently Spotted - Flower Beauty Cosmetics

When I heard Drew Barrymore was releasing her own line of low-end cosmetics, I was really excited to see what she would come out with. So, I went out to Walmart a few days ago to check it out.

WARNING - Lots of pictures inside!!!

Above are the mascaras and eyeliners. I'll try to take a better picture of this next time I check it out, so you guys can see the colors available.


Lip products galore!!!!

Seriously, LOADS of lip products!

I'm pretty impressed with the colors available. I think they are all quite flattering (in the tube). I would love to see some swatches of these to see if they are true to color in the tube. I'm not sure which I would like to try out first. That last red-coral is gorgeous!

 Nail Polish

I'm impressed with the variety of colors available for the nail polishes. I am debating picking up a few of these, too. 

Unfortunately, this was all that was available at my Walmart. There are also eyeshadows (and cream eyeshadows!!), foundation, blushes, and more that I've yet to come across.

What did you think of Flower Beauty Cosmetics? Have you checked them out at Walmart yet? 


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