Thursday, January 3, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoos - Jewel Tone Collection 2012

The Jewel Tone Collection from last summer recently became available throughout some CVS/drugstores, so check your local store to see if they're in stock!
Click below for swatches and more!

Test my Teal, Painted Purple (x2 swatches), Fuschia Fever, Pomegranate Punk

Test my Teal
"Test my Teal" pulls a bit more blue than green. It is pigmented enough to be worn by itself, though I like layering these with powder shadow so that they last longer.

Painted Purple
"Painted Purple" is actually part of the permanent collection, but I decided to pick it up with the other Jewel Tone bases. Maybe it's because this one is a bit jewel-toned as well. I really hope Maybelline comes out with some new shades of purple, because "Painted Purple" was a bit of a dud. I generally swatch a bit heavier so that the true color is shown. Compare the first swatch of "Painted Purple" with the rest of the swatches and you can see just how sheer it is. Yes, it can be built up as I did in the second swatch, but the problem with doing this is that using too much product will cause your shadow to crease. It's still a beautiful color, but I wish it were more pigmented!!

Fuschia Fever
I was unsure of "Fuschia Fever" before I swatched it. In the pot it looks a bit red-tinged, but swatching it side by side with Maybelline's "Pomegranate Punk" makes it clear that "Fuschia Fever" is a lot more of a strong, amethyst-pink. This one is definitely not for the color-shy!

Did you pick up any color tattoos from this collection? 


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