Friday, January 4, 2013

My Christmas and New Years - 2012

I didn't want to write too much about Christmas/New Years, because losing my brother made this year's holidays difficult. I did, however, want to post a few of the pictures of the happier moments from Christmas/New Years.

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Christmas Candy Cane Cards
I made these candy cane holiday cards to pass out at my preschool. I used watercolors pencils, markers, cloth paint, and ribbon! Also, a lot of time and patience!

The cats meet Santa Paws

My sister took her kittens, Edie and Lea, to meet Santa Paws. She got a pretty cute picture out of it--I'm surprised they stood still for so long!

Our Christmas
We put up our Christmas tree a little late--around mid-December--but to make up for lost time, we are leaving it up for another week or so. Sure, let's go with that!

My husband and I also have our own stocking tradition; instead of big presents, we both make up lists of differently priced things we'd like. We fill up the stockings and then exchange our gifts on Christmas.

Christmas Facebook Cats
For Christmas, both my sister and I pretended to be cats on Facebook. Everyone fell for it.

After Christmas Shopping
A few days after Christmas, my mom sister and I went shopping. This frozen yogurt stand offerred "Stripper" spice. What is Stripper spice? It sounds hilarious.

{New Years}

New Years Facebook Cats
For New Years, my sister and I once again pretended to be cats. New Years cats. 

Gameworks for New Years Eve
After spending some time with our family, my husband and I spent New Years Eve together at Gameworks. These pictures were taken just a few minutes before midnight! 

Picture 1: Sam's smile makes me melt every time. Glad I caught him mid-giggle.

Picture 2: Look at me, with my adult beverage in hand. 

What did you do for the holidays?

 - Claudia

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